Beat the Bug!

Responding to Covid-19

It looks like we are entering a season of huge uncertainty. 
There is increasing anxiety concerning how Covid-19 will impact us, our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. 
We are also beginning to wake up to the unknown economic impact large-scale disruption will have. 
Most of us are thinking about how best to keep the show on the road so that we put ourselves in the best place to thrive once things settle down again. 
Covid-19 heightens our need to build resilience in times of great uncertainty and in a fast-changing environment. If emergence and disruption have ever seemed to have been rather abstract concepts, our current challenges suggest they are very real. 
It’s highly likely that over the coming months we’ll all need to learn how to work differently and effectively in a virtual working environment. 
The Mightywaters Team have been thinking about how best to prepare and support people at this time. We have a track record of working virtually – running 1-1 coaching sessions, helping leaders run effective virtual meetings, as well as delivering creative workshops virtually. It’s amazing what can be done when you know how. 
We would, therefore, like to make some suggestions to help you through this challenging time. Please get in touch with us if any of these would be helpful:

  • Personal coaching and support to help you build personal resilience, contain the anxieties of people in your team, keep people engaged and motivated and practical skills in running virtual meetings 
  • Facilitated team calls that will enable your teams to talk about what’s on their mind, create a supportive and inclusive environment and build shared endeavour. 
  • Virtual workshops to help people to keep learning, reflecting and growing during this season. 
  • Virtual leadership workshops to help leadership teams reflect and learn about what’s going on in the organisational system and how best to support people through this challenging season. 

With every challenge comes opportunity. We would like to help you to use whatever comes your way over the coming months to keep unlocking the potential of people in your organisation and to work in ways that build engagement, commitment and motivation. 
Let us know how best we can help and support you, and feel free to get in touch if you just want a chat! 

Stay well and work well.