Preparing for Growth

We partnered with a dynamic and visionary Group Executive team, to help them put in place the building blocks that will enable our client to achieve rapid growth over the next few years.


Our client is a growing force in the transport sector. From a standing start, our client has steadily won built the UK business, establishing a strong reputation for performance and investment with customers and the industry. With an ambitious growth agenda, there was an urgent need to get the organisation ready to expand without falling over.


Our primary work has been with the UK Group Executive, focusing on raising their effectiveness as a team and creating the right strategic conversations for them to develop the strategic agenda and narrative.

We have also supported the development of a Group People Strategy, facilitating conversations between Group and Operating Company HR Directors to agree common people priorities and plans.

Our client also used our expertise to support the development of a Group leadership framework and an evaluation process for senior leaders.

Finally, a wider leadership team has been developed that includes the UK Group Executive and MDs from each of the Operating Companies. This work focuses on the ongoing evolution of the strategy, its delivery and the creation of a more consistent brand and culture.


A group strategy and strategic narrative has been developed and used to engage the wider organisation. A 12-month plan has been delivered and refreshed. A new operating model has been developed and implemented. A leadership framework has been developed and used to evaluate and develop senior managers. In 12 months, the business is already a third of a way to achieving its strategic growth targets.

Additional Case Studies

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