The People Dimension of Digital

We have engaged with a broad base of leaders to explore what it means to become a business focused on digital transformation. This is creating the momentum and levels of empowerment needed to effect change.


Our client is a global technology business with a long track record of success in delivering end-to-end technology offerings. Our work has been with leaders in the UK business to address how to shift a business model rooted in business process outsourcing and systems integration, to one that is at the leading edge of digital transformation.


Engaging one of our Associates whose expertise is at the sharp end of digital transformation, we have engaged a number of communities within the client organisation to stimulate thinking and empower actions.

We worked with the newly formed Digital Board to help them form as a team, develop a shared purpose and identify points of influence within a highly siloed organisation. We have shaped and are delivering an emerging leaders programme focused on developing future leaders who will deliver the business ambitions in digital. We are supporting the shaping and delivery of ways to recruit young people with the skills to succeed in digital and we have worked with HR leaders to build the capabilities needed to support business change.


It’s still a work in progress, but the many pronged approach is creating momentum for change within the business. Our work is stimulating entrepreneurial challenges to win more work in digital transformation and the Digital now has a clear strategy to work with Sector Directorates. One of the participants in our initial work with the Digital Board has already been promoted to Chief Digital Officer and the Digital Board has been given resources to create impact.

Additional Case Studies

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