Team Coaching

Accelerating the effectiveness of your team.

Unlocking the power of teams and groups

How well we work with one another has a huge impact on performance. We work with teams to help them improve. We help people get real value out of the times they meet-workshops, conferences, and project groups. We help people collaborate more effectively across the organisation. Our ground-breaking work on decision-making enables us to help decision-making groups make better decisions.

Solutions that can help you develop your team

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Team Development

We work with senior teams at different stages in their development:

  • good teams that want to improve
  • teams that want to prepare for a major business challenge
  • teams that want to invest in their collective development
  • struggling teams that need to get back on track
  • teams with a new leader or team members who want to re-set
  • new teams that want to get off to a flying start

Whatever the shape, size, or maturity of your team, we work with you to understand your strength and where improvements can be made … and we create the right environment for growth to happen.

We locate team development firmly in the work of the team and challenges faced, working with individual team members and the team as a whole.

New Team Mobilisation

New team mobilisation accelerates the formation and effectiveness of new leadership and senior management teams. We work with the team across 5 dimensions of team effectiveness, creating clear agreements and actions that will enable the team to work well together, with the business area they lead or manage, and with other key stakeholders.

team coaching

Through a series of high impact workshops, Mightywaters have helped us to articulate our ambitions as an organisation and to build a far stronger leadership team. They have always seemed to hit the right note. They have helped us to bring clarity to our objectives and grow our individuals into a more reflective and thus effective senior team.

Case studies

We’d love to meet you for an informal chat to discuss how your team could be even more effective.