Organisational Development

Helping leaders create the organisational capability they need to succeed in the future.

Unlocking the power of your organisation

We work with leaders to help them create the organisational capability to succeed in the future. Our work addresses the people strategy, culture, organisational development and design, and how organisations go about delivering change. We focus on the human dimension of change, helping to create the leadership and emotional engagement that will win hearts and minds.

Solutions that can help in the development and design of your organisation

organisational development

Change Through People

Organisations face significant and disruptive challenges. We believe that change will only occur when you put people at the heart of your ambitions. Although our change approach is underpinned by tested change tools, it’s heartbeat is about being inclusive. We work with senior leaders to articulate ambition and shape the narrative. We bring the voices of people at all organisational levels into the change process to build the ownership and energy that will secure successful delivery. We believe that culture is the key enabler for change and that getting the change approach right accelerates delivery. 

We provide business leaders with a structured environment to think through and agree on how business ambitions are brought to life. It can also be used when a change has faltered or lost momentum. The package is for leadership teams or change teams, and can be scaled to include a smaller or larger number of people.

Organisational Design

We help clients align their organisational operating model with their strategic ambitions. Our approach applies systems thinking to ensure structure, people & culture, technology and processes are considered as part of any organisational or functional re-design.

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Values-led Performance Cultures

Mightywaters works with clients to help them identify and embed their core values. Our focus is on translating values into a lived experience so that employees, and those who do business with the organisation, see the values in action.

Mightywaters helped us shape a significant organisational transformation. Working with the Executive team to craft a change strategy and new organisation Mightywaters also helped us to create an extended leadership group who came to own and lead implementation of the new organisation. Their strong facilitation skills in multiple settings, helped us to work through complex issues as an organisation in a way that built commitment and ownership of proposals which we still reference in our thinking and approach today. Their work helped us to clarify our priorities and focus as an organisation on the skills and capabilities we needed to deliver this work and how we organised ourselves to get the work done

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