Helping you get the most out of any type of workshop

Here we case study how we help many organisations create high impact workshops.



Clients spend a lot of time and money gathering the right people to address a business problem. When we are approached to help facilitate these meetings, the challenge is invariably about getting the most out of time spent together. We shape and facilitate a wide range of workshops (size, duration, style) across a huge range of strategic topics (e.g. value pricing, customer excellence, talent strategy, moving to a service organisation, people strategy, operating model and many more).


For high impact workshops we:

  • Clarify outcomes – what the workshop needs to deliver.
  • Ensure the right people are in the room – who needs to be in the room to enable the workshop to deliver the required outcomes. Ensure only the people who need to be in the room are in the room.
  • Think through inputs – what we can bring to the workshop to accelerate thinking and decision.
  • Create interaction/inclusion – design the workshop to maximise participant input to shape the outcomes.
  • Capture the story of the workshop – recording not only decisions and outcomes, but the thinking process that help us reach those points.
  • Facilitating real-time – a workshop is a dynamic environment and we are expert at working with the flow of thinking and adapting real-time to help the group achieve their outcomes.

We always work collaboratively to ensure our workshops are co-created and that we build ownership of the process and outcomes throughout.


Our clients know that engaging us to facilitate their workshops delivers huge value. Because this case study is more general, our greatest validation of outcome is repeat work and our reputation as master facilitators. The CEO of a business we often provide facilitation support to wrote:

When I bring my senior leaders together to work on a tough business issue I need them to be productive. The truth is, they are experts in their technical field. They aren’t expert facilitators. Left alone they do an okay job. With the support of Mightywaters they achieve so much more, because the workshop process and facilitation is managed by real experts in this field. What I value most about Mightywaters is that they help our technical experts have the right conversations and this leads to decisions and action which wouldn’t be achieved so well without their facilitation’.

Additional Case Studies

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