Building Leadership Team Capability to Scale the Business



Our client is niche consulting business specialising in life sciences. Having successfully grown over 10 years the business needed to find an investor to help take the business to the next level. The calibre of organisational leadership beyond the owners was seen as a key investor criteria. We were therefore asked to coach the executive leadership team to develop their collective and individual capability so that they could lead a rapidly scaling business and take people through this transition.


We worked with executive leadership team individually and collectively over a 2-year period. During that period we:

  • Developed a shared purpose and a delivery roadmap for organisational development and growth
  • Helped the team understand their strengths
  • Implemented against a team development plan
  • Coached and supported individual team members
  • Worked closely with the CEO and owners to evolve the organisation
  • Ran targeted workshops with the team to build change and leadership capabilities
  • Worked with the team through ownership transition

This plan of work was co-created with the client, focusing on emerging areas relevant to the team.


The business found an investor through acquisition. We coached the team through acquisition and well into new ownership. Executive leadership capability in our client was seen as one of the organisational strengths from the acquiring company and the executive team have become important leaders in the new organisation. The business is scaling as hoped and revenue has doubled.

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