Organisational Alignment with Strategy

Working with the Divisional leadership team we identified opportunities to better align the global organisation to deliver its strategic ambitions.


Our client delivers great solutions for customers tackling the world’s most demand engineering challenges. Through a successful acquisition strategy in the past our client has a product portfolio that provides high-end valves to industrial customers. The business ambition is one of growth and this requires an organisational model that is customer-focused rather than based on its legacy manufacturing centres.


We knew that our starting point was a highly-siloed business with different and sometimes competing interests. Working with an expert and dedicated global leadership team, we agreed an approach that included the different brands and interests within the business. We also knew that an imposed solution would never work, so we worked to create a shared understanding of how the system was really working and what actions could be taken to improve it.

To achieve this, we worked with the leadership team to develop a diagnostic we could use in conversation with a cross-section of key people. Through this we were able to identify clear opportunities to improve the way the organisation could be reshaped to deliver the strategy and these were acted upon. We also surfaced a number of deeper organisational and cultural issues where there was no quick fix, but which have now been agreed as strategic enablers to be worked through collaboratively.


Actions have been taken to bring a clearer customer focus and alignment into all areas of the organisation. There is greater clarity on the role of Regions and the showcasing of products. The organisation is taking clear steps to presenting the full product portfolio to clients and there is increased clarity on sector strategies.

Additional Case Studies

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