Going for Gold Standard



Our client operates in high-performance sport and provides performance improvement services to over 30 individual sporting bodies and their athletes. Our client is highly committed to the improvement of their own organisation (as well as their client’s) and this was our second Board effectiveness evaluation with them. Our client had rated very well first time around and we were therefore keen to understand what had changed since and where further opportunities for improvement could be identified, particularly as our client had a new Chair and about 50% new Board members.


We applied our tried and tested approach to independent Board evaluations and replicated the process used first time around (4 years previously).  Our approach included documentation review; gathering of feedback via questionnaire from the Board and Senior Management Team; 1-1 meetings with each Board member and senior manager and Board observation.

We worked closely with the Chair and Remuneration Committee throughout.


This second Board effectiveness review was able to see the positive impact our previous recommendations had had on Board performance and how the Board had improved in all dimensions of evaluation. These improvements on an already strong previous evaluation have given the Board confidence. Even so, we have been able to work with the Board to identify and agree further areas for improvement which have been incorporated into an action plan. As the Chair wrote: 

“This was the second Board effectiveness review Mightywaters have supported us in. Their approach is clear and is delivered effectively. Mightywaters work hard to understand the organisation through questionnaires and interviews. In really getting under the skin of Board performance they helped us understand our strengths and offered helpful ways to improve. We were particularly encouraged that we were able to improve on what was a very good review previously. Mightywaters are easy to work with and quickly build trust and credibility with those involved. From my perspective I valued their contribution and they delivered on all fronts”.

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