Large Group Face-to-Face Facilitation



Each year our client brings together senior leaders from Japan to California for 3 or 4 days to align around strategy, plans and leadership. This means typically between 100-200 people in the room. Our challenge always is to create an engaging, inspiring and inclusive event that is a catalyst for the performance over the coming year.


In supporting this work we play a number of roles:

  • Event designer – working with an internal planning team that includes the Divisional President, CFO, CPO and other executive team members to co-create the event.
  • Session shaper – working with presenters / those providing inputs to shape each session so that there is interaction and engagement. This is key for table discussions and breakouts.
  • Communications and engagement advisor – working with the internal comms manager to shape pre and post-event communication and engagement with participants
  • Technology harnesser – working with internal tech team to use technology to support table discussions and capture of outputs.
  • Event presenter – providing inputs at the event on relevant topics linked to change, leadership, culture
  • Event facilitator – facilitating the event and ensuring output capture.

We always work collaboratively to ensure event aims are clear along with the outcomes needed from each session.


That we are asked to continue supporting these events is testimony to the value we add. Participant event ratings are always high. More importantly, the business has achieved sustained growth during this period and internal engagement scores rate highly on clarity of strategy, what’s expected of people and leadership alignment – all clear outcomes from these events. The CFO (and event sponsor) wrote:

“We brought over 100 of our global senior leaders together for a 4-day workshop to shape our future ambitions and set our budget and goals for the coming year. Mightywaters worked with me and the planning team to shape a powerful experience that balanced inputs with highly interactive elements that ensured everyone’s voice was heard. This experience was highly valued by all and, even more importantly, clear outcomes and actions were agreed that provide us with a powerful springboard into the new financial year. Mightywaters are very skilled facilitators who help us to plan well, but also adapt as we work real time. This is the fourth year Mightywaters has supported this event and they have delivered every time!”

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