Who We Are

We bring decades of experience and deep expertise, working with a wide range of organisations with different challenges, to help you tackle your people and organisational challenges.

When clients partner with us, their challenges become our challenges.

We get curious about what makes our clients tick. We work hard to understand their context and address the right questions to work out what will make a real difference. We excel in crafting the right environment for deep thinking and decision. This enables everyone to have the right conversations to generate unique solutions that become a springboard for action.

Mark and Anna Withers, Founders and Directors
Mark and Anna Withers, Founders and Directors

Our story begins in 1998

Mightywaters was founded in 1998 by Mark Withers and Anna Withers. After successful and extensive senior management experience in large corporations and consulting, we wanted to offer clients a more personalised approach to consulting that put their needs and ambitions firmly at the heart of our work.

Our values are the heartbeat of how we work. We are contemporary, act with integrity and are responsive and agile. We are curious and invest time understanding the problem so that we can act with purpose. If we commit to something we always deliver it.

We are proud that so much of our success has come from people we have worked with time and again and who recommend us to others. We believe it’s a great testimony to the quality of our work and the way it is delivered. We never take this for granted yet, after a quarter of century, we are confident that building enduring client relationships really matters.

The Mightywaters Team

Mark Withers

Mark Withers

Founder and Director

With over 40-years of experience working in the field of human science, Mark has become a trusted advisor, expert facilitator and mentor to senior executives and Boards. He does this through helping leaders navigate the right conversations that lead to commitment, accountability and action. Mark has worked with a wide range of organisations across many different sectors and internationally.

Mark holds a BSc (Econ) from the LSE and a MSc (organisational behaviour) from the University of London. He is a Chartered Fellow, CIPD; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Member of the Institute of Directors. He is author of Transforming HR and is co-author of Risky Business.

A Welshman by birth and heart, Mark is a keen follower of rugby (and sport in general really), loves music, cooking and wine, and takes a keen interest in history and current affairs.

Anna Withers

Anna Withers

Founder and Director

Anna’s early career was in investment banking. She was one of the few females to trail-blaze careers in front-line investment banking roles from the early-1980s before acquiring a wide range of qualifications in the areas of psychology, coaching and counselling. Anna has a strong focus on the psychology and neuroscience of work and leads our work in developing effective Boards.

Anna holds a BSc (Econ) and MSc (Econ) from the LSE. She holds a post-graduate diploma in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University and a Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling from the University of Oxford. She is also a qualified Coach and Counsellor.

Born in Saarburg, Germany in the Moselle valley Anna is an avid reader, cook and traveller. When she has spare time she can be found in auction houses looking for the next Asian art opportunity.

Claire Bourne

Claire Bourne

Marketing Manager

Claire has over 20 years’ business experience and, as an independent business consultant, works with small businesses to ensure they have the best practice foundations in place to achieve great things.

Claire has worked with Mightywaters for three years to support with all things marketing.

Accompanied by our network of experienced associates

Mightywaters works with a network of experienced associates who align with our values and who bring expertise to clients that complements our own.

Our values

We believe that every conversation counts. The right conversations held in the right way enable organisations to thrive. That’s why we excel at crafting the right environment for deep thinking and decision and that’s why we work hard to understand what makes our clients tick, their context and what will make a real difference to their work. When clients partner with us, their challenges become our challenges. How we show up as partners with our clients matters. That’s why our Values are the heartbeat of our business and guide all we do.
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Because… we know what we’re talking about and deliver when the talking stops. Our work is underpinned by the latest research and evidence, bringing this to clients in ways they can use to make an impact.



Because… we know that real progress is made and good things happen when we work in partnership with our clients. We believe at a fundamental level that tough problems are best addressed when people are included and diverse voices are heard.



Because… we pride ourselves in being forward thinkers and thought leaders, helping our clients get ahead of the curve. Our diverse range of backgrounds bring new perspectives and insights on tough people and organisational challenges.



Because… if it matters to our clients, it matters to us. We know people issues can be complex and difficult and we don’t rest until we’ve helped clients work out how best to tackle their unique challenges.

Client Promise

We are often asked what it’s like to work with us so we thought we would explain this through articulating our promise to clients

Know our clients

Really understand your business and what makes you tick.

Be helpful

Listen carefully, check our understanding and be helpful.

Work in partnership

Work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, collaboration and trust.

Keep our knowledge and methods up-to-date and relevant

Equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills needed to always add-value and apply this knowledge to your context and challenges.

Aim to exceed expectations

Know exactly what is expected of us to achieve and exceed the agreed outcomes.

Keep it real and simple

Use our experience to ensure delivery is practical and converts the complex to manageable outcomes.

Always seek to improve

Constructively challenge ourselves and seek feedback so that we can further improve our service offer.

Remember clients have choices

Understand clients can choose who to work with – we feel privileged when Mightywaters are their partner of choice.

We’d love to meet you for an informal chat to discuss your tricky challenges.