Reshaping the Business and Operating Model



Our client has ‘trading fund’ status within UK Government. Although part of the Civil Service public tasks, our client generates in excess of £180m in revenue each year, is self-funded and returns a dividend back to Government. The challenges are for the organisation to reshape its business and operating model in response to significant external technological changes and the challenges of decarbonisation. We were tasked to work with the organisational leadership to help them shape a new business and operating model.


This is a significant piece of work we have supported since 2021. When we arrived we were told a strategy has been agreed and that the focus was on its implementation. This wasn’t the case. Although a strategic plan had been written there was a lack of alignment across the organisation with the direction of travel. Our approach has therefore focused on the following:

  • Developed a shared sense of purpose and direction concerning the future business model
  • Established an operating model framework which has enabled the business to consider changes systemically
  • Facilitated the development of organisational design principles that are informing transformation
  • Developed the organisational leadership, creating regular opportunities for the Executive team and senior leaders to meet, discuss and align on matters of transformation
  • Supported the formation of a new transformation team and change management capability
  • Facilitated the development of Functional strategies e.g. customer and people
  • Shaped and supported the facilitation of service design workshops to inform the future operating model
  • Coached and support leaders from across the organisation to work more effectively as change leaders
  • Supported the shaping and delivery of a transformation roadmap
  • Supported the establishment of an innovation mechanism to develop new customer facing products and services and drive internal innovation

Our work has, throughout, been collaborative with our client, with the aim of developing internal capability.


The business is now aligned around a new business model. Transition states are being implemented to support key transformation points. Leaders from across the business are now engaged in leading organisational transformation (from silo thinking). There is a transformation roadmap underpinned by a financial model. Delivery is progressing to plan. Key performance measures have been achieved. Leaders are now working in a more systemic and organisation-wide way.

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