Building Resilience Series: Part 2

We have always been fascinated by people’s stories. One of the exercises we often run with teams is to ask each person to tell their story. We are never disappointed. Each person’s story is rich with struggle, drama, highs and lows. Not many of us have an easy ride on a smooth and straight road. 

Understanding the stories of others is not just a window into their world and the forces that have shaped and sculpted them. Hearing the story of others helps us to put things into context and to connect with the person. We understand better where they are coming from, where they are heading to and how we might journey together. 

In this, Part 2, of our series on building resilience under pressure, we want to point you at a podcast series that explores the journeys and motivations of people who have reached the top in their chosen endeavour. 

Performing under pressure

What we love about this podcast  – The High Performance Podcast, hosted by sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and psychologist Damian Hughes – is that their conversations with high performers really get under the skin of people’s stories. They don’t avoid the tough questions and this elicits some gold dust in how people cope with adversity and success, and what they put a value on. 

The High Performance Podcast brings you an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving world-class performers who have all excelled in their field with first-hand experiences and lessons to share. There is also always a question about the non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top and keep them there.

The interview with Steven Barlett, Founder and CEO of Social Chain was really fascinating and inspirational.

The stories are best told by the people themselves and nothing about their success was inevitable!

So check it out.