Team Development

We help all types of teams at all stages of development – from good teams that want to become great, struggling teams that need to get back on track, to new teams who want to get off to a flying start. Whatever the shape, size or maturity of your team, we work with you to understand where improvements can be made and create the right environment for growth to happen.

What we do

  • Team Development
  • Team Coaching
  • Team Diagnostic
  • New Team Mobilisation

When People Meet

We bring high end facilitation skills so you get your return on investment when people meet. We not only help you get the right people in the room, but we create a stimulating and creative workspace to harness their diverse brainpower, ensure the right issues are discussed and that discussion leads to action.

What we do

  • Group Facilitation
  • Large Group and Conference Facilitation
  • Action Research
  • Action Learning Groups and Projects
  • Collaborative Working

Decision Making

To make better decisions you need to understand the work of the unconscious. Our ground-breaking Hidden R-I-S-K™ framework introduces you to eight characters that embody the critical unconscious biases we need to notice when making decisions. We work with decision makers to use this understanding to improve the way decisions are made.

What we do

  • Understanding the Work of Unconscious Bias in Decisions
  • Applying the Hidden R-I-S-K™ Framework to Decisions
  • Governance Group Development
  • Shifting our Thinking Workshop

Board Effectiveness Evaluation

We help unlock the untapped potential in your Board. Using our GIFT® framework, we ensure that the relationships and dynamics that are critical to Board effectiveness are properly explored, along with Board governance and processes. Beyond evaluation, we support Boards address growth opportunities that have emerged through evaluation.

What we do

  • Board Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Developing Board Effectiveness

Client Examples


Developing the Team and Developing the Organisation

Developing the Team and Developing the Organisation Over a 6-month period this music and schools services business has created a strategy that will enable it to grow despite severe financial pressures in the education sector. Industry: Education Story Due to budget cuts in schools, our client was about to go over a funding cliff. Despite…

Creating a High Impact People Team in Central Government

Creating a High Impact People Team in Central Government Creating an effective HR leadership team has been the catalyst for impactful delivery of the people strategy and functional transformation. Industry: Civil Services Story Our client is the People Team working in one of the largest Departments in the UK Civil Service. The Department deals with…

The People Dimension of Digital

The People Dimension of Digital We have engaged with a broad base of leaders to explore what it means to become a business focused on digital transformation. This is creating the momentum and levels of empowerment needed to effect change. Industry: Technology Story Our client is a global technology business with a long track record…

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