Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational effectiveness focuses on shaping the organisational system so that it delivers your ambitions. We help leaders to look outwards to understand the external environment and to shape the strategic response. We help leaders see the internal system and the changes that may be needed in culture, structure, people, systems to deliver the strategy. We are particularly interested in how organisations and workplaces are reshaping to respond to the impact of digital, raised customer expectations and the multi-generational workforce.

What we do

  • External Environment Analysis
  • Organisational Capability Assessment and Development
  • Facilitate Strategy Development
  • Vision & Values Definition
  • Developing Organisational Culture
  • Organisational and Functional Reviews
  • Organisational Design
  • Digital Leaders Workshop
  • Multi-generational Workforce
  • Board Effectiveness Evaluation

Change through People

Organisations face significant and disruptive challenges. We believe that change will only occur when you put people at the heart of your ambitions. Although our change approach is underpinned by tested change tools, it’s heartbeat is about being inclusive. We work with senior leaders to articulate ambition and shape the narrative. We bring the voices of people at all organisational levels into the change process to build the ownership and energy that will secure successful delivery. We believe that culture is the key enabler for change and that getting the change approach right accelerates delivery.

What we do

  • Organisational Development
  • Change Narrative
  • Change Approach and Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Creating an Extended Leadership Community
  • Change Agent Network
  • Change Communications and Engagement
  • Transition Planning and Management

People Strategy Development

The people strategy must be shaped by the ambitions of the organisation. We work with business leaders to facilitate the development of their people strategy. We create a shared understanding of the critical people and organisational challenges and translate the people strategy into concrete plans.

What we do

  • Voice of the Internal Customer
  • People Strategy Review Workshops

High Impact HR

We work with forward thinking HR teams to create a high value HR operating model. This includes considering the roles and capabilities managers and external providers play in providing fit for purpose HR. We ensure the voice of the internal customer is considered so that the work of HR is focused on what matters most. We also provide deep expertise in shaping key people enablers such as Talent, Employee Experience, Strategic Workforce Planning and Diversity & Inclusion.

What we do

  • HR Operating Model Design
  • Talent Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Employee Experience
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Managing for Performance

Client Examples


The People Dimension of Digital

The People Dimension of Digital We have engaged with a broad base of leaders to explore what it means to become a business focused on digital transformation. This is creating the momentum and levels of empowerment needed to effect change. Industry: Technology Story Our client is a global technology business with a long track record…

Creating a High Impact People Team in Central Government

Creating a High Impact People Team in Central Government Creating an effective HR leadership team has been the catalyst for impactful delivery of the people strategy and functional transformation. Industry: Civil Services Story Our client is the People Team working in one of the largest Departments in the UK Civil Service. The Department deals with…

Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible Our client describes itself as “the silent partner behind leading innovations in industry for over 100 years”. We partnered with the executive team to create a new business model that enabled the organisation to work closer with industry to deliver innovations and advances through science. Industry: Scientific Research Story Our client…

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