TeamEdge™ team diagnostic

About The Tool

TeamEdge™ is a team diagnostic tool developed from research into the practices of high performing teams. The tool has been used with teams at different organisational levels; of different sizes and differing levels of performance.

The tool assesses teams against five dimensions:

  1. Shared purpose
  2. Team processes
  3. Team relationships
  4. Outward focus
  5. Team leadership

We combine an online assessment with 1-1 interviews to understand individual team member ratings (what the team does well and where it could improve) as well as understanding the underlying issues that hinder team performance.

Feedback is at a team level with both visual representation of team feedback and identification of team strengths / areas for development.

TeamEdge™ is best used in conjunction with a team development workshop which allows a team to discuss the analysis and work on areas that will improve team performance.

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