Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

About The Tool

MBTI is a widely used tool which helps to raise self-awareness and awareness of others. Based on Jungian psychology, MBTI helps us to understand our preferences in four core areas:

  1. Where we get our energy from (Extroversion – Introversion)
  2. How we take in information (Sensing – Intuition)
  3. How we make decisions (Thinking – Feeling)
  4. How much structure we need in our lives (Judging – Perceiving)

MBTI is a developmental tool and we use it to support 1-1 coaching conversations, with teams and large groups. We make the sessions fun and highly interactive. Once we have built understand of the tool we help people use MBTI to improve effectiveness across a wide range of areas: communications, influencing, teamwork, conflict resolution, dealing with change and making decisions. Our sessions are tailored to your requirements and we can offer a stand-alone session as well as integrate MBTI with a broader team event or conference.

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