Voice of the Internal Customer

Voice of the Internal Customer helps you understand how you can improve Functional effectiveness. It can be run as a precursor to a Functional Review or as part of a Functional Review to build the case for change. Its value is to ensure that the voices of employees at all organisational levels and other key stakeholders influence and shape how Functions add value. Whilst we tailor the details to meet your needs, the package includes:

  • Diagnostic that includes engagement with senior business leaders, managers, employees and employee representatives; Functional leaders and teams; other key stakeholders.
  • Feedback that identifies WHAT the function needs to do to deliver value and HOW the function needs to organise to deliver that value.
  • Facilitated review of the diagnostic findings, to agree actions and next steps.

The outcomes of a Voice of the Customer exercise are:

  • High levels of ownership to any Functional changes needed to be made.
  • Clarity on the opportunities to improve Functional effectiveness.
  • Ownership of the actions and next steps.