Industry: Financial Services


Our financial services client had set its strategy and embarked on a programme of major investment in digital technologies. But the missing ingredient was the right strategy to unleash the power and potential of its people and a HR Function that could enable this.



We worked with the HR leadership team initially to frame the work, develop the approach and conduct an initial diagnostic on organisational and HR capabilities. We then ran a Voice of the Internal Customer exercise that engaged the Group Executive Team and other senior leaders in conversation about the strategy, people challenges and the effectiveness of the HR Function. We also ran focus groups with a cross-section of managers, employees and HR team members to get their inputs.

The feedback from this exercise was instrumental in shaping a people strategy, and developing the future HR model and delivery plan. Most importantly, the Voice of the Internal Customer exercise established a way of shaping strategy and plans based on collaboration and dialogue. This continued as a core part of the approach beyond signed off by the Executive Team.



For many in the organisation, being asked their opinions was novel and cathartic. It helped the People Team to understand how to deliver greater value, and brought clarity to the key people enablers that will help the business deliver its strategy. The work has been a catalyst for a significant investment in transforming the HR Function and in putting the employee experience at the heart of business success.

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