New Team Mobilisation

The New Team Mobilisation package accelerates the formation and effectiveness of new leadership and senior management teams. We work with the team across 5 dimensions of team effectiveness, creating clear agreements and actions that will enable the team to work well together, with the business area they lead or manage and with other key stakeholders. The package includes:

  • Preparation and diagnostic work with the team.
  • Facilitation of a 2-day workshop.
  • Design and facilitation of a 1-day workshop after 90-days.

The value of this package will be:

  • Development of a shared team purpose, ambition and goals.
  • Clarity on how the team will work together to deliver its goals.
  • Deeper understanding of who is in the team, their strengths, preferred ways of working
  • Agreement on how the team will show up with one another, with the organisation they lead and with key stakeholders.
  • Agreement of a 90-day plan.
  • Review of 90-day plan, leading to learning about how the team is working in practice.