Better Decision Making

Better Decision Making is a 1-day workshop that introduces decision makers to the recent scientific insights in human decision making, so that this learning can be integrated into decision-making processes. This package can be run as a workshop with individual decision makers and with intact decision making/governance boards. The package includes:

  • Focused research – to ensure we reference organisational specific issues
  • Workshop delivery that presents the research into human decision making and the Mightywaters Hidden R-I-S-KÔ framework
  • Interactive sessions during the workshop to explore the application of learning to your business.

The outcomes of participating in a Better Decision Making Package are:

  • Understanding of recent scientific insights into the way people make decisions.
  • Heightened awareness of how the unconscious shapes our thinking and decisions.
  • Improved skills in mitigating thinking errors.
  • Clear actions to integrate this learning into organisational decision making processes.