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Risky Business is written with decision makers in mind. Through stories and anecdotes, you will meet eight characters that embody the unconscious biases that distort our thinking and decisions. If you want to make better decisions, Risky Business is a MUST READ book.

Risky Business launches at the London Stock Exchange?

“I commend this book to anyone who makes decisions and especially to those in leadership, risk management and governance roles in organisations. I hope you enjoy and get as much out of this book as I have”Andrew Haines, OBE, CEO, Civil Aviation Authority

“A powerful and accessible way to make our unconscious thinking conscious”Dr Paul Cozens, Partner, Mathys & Squire LLP

“..Eminently readable and richly illustrated with examples galore, this book will help decision makers develop a deeper understanding of how people see and experience change, take action to mitigate the hidden risk of decisions and increase their own effectiveness as leaders”Dr. Linda Holbeche, Visitng Professor, Cass Business School and Author

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Bring an interesting, thought-provoking, practical, lively and interactive keynote address to your conference.

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Team and Development Workshops

Immerse teams in an experiential and interactive workshop that will enable them to understand the work of unconscious biases and identify practical actions to mitigate their effects in their work and decision making processes.

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De-bias strategic decisions

Research points clearly to a need to de-bias strategic decisions. Raising a company’s game from the bottom to the top quartile on the decision-making process improved its ROI by 6.9 percentage points. The Hidden R-I-S-K™ framework gives leaders a tool to do just that. Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your decision-making process.

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Impactful Diversity and Inclusion

Efforts to improve Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in organisations fail when discussion of bias is framed in terms of individual moral failure. As unconscious biases are prevalent in all of us, we see the challenge in terms of suboptimal decision making. Our focus is to help people see the work of the unconscious and discuss it in a generative way, so that action is taken to improve. The Hidden R-I-S-K™ framework provides a language people can use to discuss unconscious biases in this positive, no blame way. If you would like to improve the impact of your D&I actions get in touch.

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